Celebration Complete Blooming Tea Set by Teabloom Review 2023

Updated on: April 28, 2023
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Celebration Complete Blooming Tea Set by Teabloom Review

The Celebration Complete Blooming Tea Set by Teabloom looks beautiful in pictures.

But how does it look in person, and most importantly, is it practical and safe to use?

We have tested this tea set so you don’t have to. Read this review to find out whether you should buy it or not!

Let’s get started!


  • This tea set comes with a 40 oz (1.18L) glass teapot, 4 3.4-oz (100 mL) double-walled thermal glasses, a glass tea infuser, a glass tea warmer with a candle and a metal tray, and 12 blooming teas.

  • Good packaging and presentation.

  • Good thermal design. Even when you fill the teapot to the brink the lid knob and infuser don’t get overly hot.

  • Stovetop safe and dishwasher safe.

  • This tea set offers high value. Its price is reasonable and you get 12 blooming teas.

  • A resting pot for the tea infuser is not included.

  • The glass is thin so this tea set is potentially fragile.

Design and Build Quality

The Celebration Complete Blooming tea set by Teabloom is a great glass starter tea set.

It comes with a 40 oz (1.18L) glass teapot with an accompanying  glass lid, 4 3.4-oz (100 mL) double-walled glasses, a glass loose tea infuser, a glass tea warmer with a candle and a metal tray, and 12 blooming teas.

Celebration Complete Blooming Tea Set - What's Included

We were impressed with the presentation once we received this set. All the items were securely packaged in Styrofoam and wrapped in paper with Teabloom’s logo.

This is important because glass teaware can be delicate and the last thing you want is to discover broken pieces when you open the box.

Teabloom Tea Set Packaging

All items that come with this tea set are made of glass, with the exception being the metal tray separating the teapot from the candle warmer.

Teabloom’s Celebration teapot features a simple yet elegant classic teapot design made of borosilicate glass. It features a non-drip spout and a large tea handle which should be comfortable for most people (unless you are a giant). 

The four thermal double-walled round glasses fit nicely in your hand. They feel very light, which means the glass is very thin, making the glasses potentially fragile. The teapot’s glass is not as thin but you should take care not to bump it against anything.

This set looks especially nice when brewing a blooming tea ball with the candle warmer lit. The candle accentuates the blooming tea colors as the tea flower blooms, making for a serene experience - perfect to prepare you to enjoy your tea mindfully.

Brewing delicious tea with the Teabloom Celebration teapot

This tea set also has a good thermal design. We filled the teapot to the brink with boiling water and placed the lid on it. The lid knob did not get significantly hot. We can also confirm that the double-walled glasses remain cool to the touch, and that the candle enclosure does not get hot and will not burn you.

Note that when brewing blooming teas, you do not need the infuser. Without the infuser, the lid fits a bit loosely, but like with any teapot, you should always hold the teapot lid when serving. The infuser gets hot, but not to the point that you cannot remove it with your hands.

The infuser is long and narrow, which is good if you want to prepare small quantities of tea - you will not need to add too much water before the leaves are submerged.

The infuser is not overly narrow, it does not restrict the water flow for most loose leaf teas like a delicious green tea. However, some loose leaf teas do expand significantly (some oolongs for example) when exposed to water, so some portions of the leaves may not be fully submerged if you are using smaller quantities of water.

You can easily remove the infuser without burning your hands (and remove it you should to avoid bitter flavors). However, no resting bowl is included with this set.

This teapot is stovetop safe; however, Teabloom recommends using a heat diffuser if you have an electric stove with exposed coils. The teapot is also microwave safe, if that’s how you boil water.

Despite the teapot being stovetop safe, we recommend using an electric kettle to boil water and then pour it into the teapot. This will increase the lifespan of your teapot and minimize the risk of any accidents.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning this tea set is extremely easy. You can simply rinse it with warm water and a soft soapy cloth. The tea infuser is also easy to clean, easier than metal mesh ones which tend to get leaf bits stuck in the mesh.

When rinsing this tea set though, be careful as it can be slippery and I’m sure it will break if you drop it. So far though, it has survived my clumsiness for a few months...

Make sure you do not use any abrasive brushes or pads, or else, you might scratch the glass.

This tea set is dishwasher safe, so that’s another option for you. We tested this without any issues.

Depending on your water hardness and the type of soap used, your teapot glass may become cloudy. This is normal for glassware. Use a descaling liquid to remove the mineral build-up.

The Blooming Teas

The blooming teas that come with this set were beautiful to look at, and more importantly, delicious to drink! There are a total of 12 tea flowers.

Teabloom blooming tea

They come individually packaged for freshness, inside a sealed container. The only (small) criticism is that although each flowering tea has a name, it would have been nice to know all the ingredients for each blooming tea.

Value for Money

The Celebration Complete Blooming tea set by Teabloom is a great value purchase.

For about $80, you get a beautiful quality teapot with a glass lid, a glass infuser, a glass candle warmer with a tray, and 12 blooming teas.

Teabloom provides a 90-day warranty but if you register your product, you get an extra year of warranty.

Verdict - Should You Buy the Celebration Complete Blooming Tea Set by Teabloom?

Yes, we recommend this tea set. You will get a beautiful borosilicate glass tea set that has a good thermal and ergonomic design, and which is dishwasher safe and stove-top safe. You will also get 12 blooming teas, which are delicious and will make your teapot look even better!


  • Good value tea set.
  • Beautiful classic design and glassware
  • Double-walled thermal glasses
  • Stovetop and dishwasher safe
  • Includes 12 blooming teas


  • Relatively thin glass makes this a fragile teapot
  • Resting pot for the infuser is not included

Who Should Avoid This Teapot Set?

People who are clumsy or prone to breaking things should consider avoiding glass teaware. If that’s you, we recommend you take a look at our cast iron teapot recommendations. Those are virtually unbreakable!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Celebration Complete Blooming Tea Set by Teabloom dishwasher safe?

Yes, it is! Just make sure it does not touch any other items in the dishwasher.

Is the Celebration Complete Blooming Tea Set by Teabloom stovetop safe?

Yes, it is. Make sure you add some water first and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. And no, you cannot put it in the oven or on a BBQ grill…

Is the Celebration Complete Blooming Tea Set by Teabloom Worth It?

In our opinion, this tea set is worth the cost. It’s a great starter tea set!

The Celebration Complete Tea Set by Tea Bloom

Bottom Line

We have tested and reviewed the Celebration Complete Blooming Tea Set by Teabloom.

We highly recommend this set if you are getting into tea, this would be a great starter tea set. Or even if you have a collection of tea sets, this would be a really nice addition because you can drink a delicious cup of tea with your friends while you admire the tea’s color with the candlelight, as the tea ball blooms into a beautiful flower.

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