10 Viral Starbucks TikTok Drinks You Should Try to Order

Updated on: November 2, 2023
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10 Viral TikTok Starbucks Drinks You Should Try – What To Say To Order Them

This guide will share the most interesting Starbucks TikTok drinks and how to order them!

There’s nothing cooler than off-menu items, but ordering them with authority and confidence, without upsetting any baristas, is the key to getting the best TikTok Starbucks drinks.

Secret menu items are something that has pierced the world of social media through the prestige but also mystery they can offer.

While it seems like only pretty influencers get offered these drinks by brooding baristas, you can actually order them yourself. 

No, it doesn’t require a bribe or a secret catchphrase like ‘In Spain, they eat after 9 o'clock'. All that’s required is a little candor and charm, as well as a pinch of confidence. You may have already heard of these drinks on TikTok - we know we did!

When the barista asks what you want, you have to know what to say, to get the right drink. These off-menu items can really bring some mystique and excitement to what may be a boringly mundane coffee trip, or this could be a fun trip out with your friends.

In the following article, we will tell you all the secrets and hot tips to get these drinks without blushing at the barista, as well as what the drinks are and why they are extra special! We’re going to target the TikTok related ones, but Starbucks has a huge secret menu to discover.

Read on to find the secrets of the Starbucks off-menu and how to order them with success!

Tips For Success

Let’s make this clear, off-menu items can make your day, but they could easily ruin a Starbucks barista's day, or at least make their shift harder. 

What Not To Do

Starbucks TikTok Drinks

Do not saunter through a busy Starbucks during the busiest times just to put your camera in a barista’s face and then ask them to make an extra-effort Starbucks drink during the middle of a rush-hour shift.


Also, don’t try and order this at a drive-thru as this would hold the line up for unreasonably long.

This would be so rude and would make their shift so much harder purely for your own egotistical gain. This doesn’t mean it is super hard to get the drinks, it just means a little politeness and a smile can go a long way when asking for extra stuff.

What You Should Do

Starbucks Baristas TikTok Drinks

Firstly, consider that if they are busy this extra order can be a little annoying, or they may even say no. 

Go in early, or go to a Starbucks that isn't regularly busy, in these calmer times the barista will love something different, or simply the challenge of an off-menu item. 

Politeness goes a long way in any situation, but especially this one. 

Smile, say please and thank you, ask them how their day was, etc... All these polite acts show you are grateful for their time and effort and will be reciprocated in the quality of your drink and service.

Also, as these drinks are related to TikTok, you might be filming. Maybe ask them if they mind you filming before putting the camera in their face. Or just film when the TikTok Starbucks drink is made. Off-menu items are supposed to be secrets anyway.

Depending on where you live, and in the current climate, the baristas might not have the ingredients on hand, so always be prepared for a polite rejection - have some backup orders so you don’t stutter.

These viral drinks are often fan-made so repeat the order we give for each drink. Asking for “the TikTok drink”, etc., might confuse your server.

Lastly, consider leaving them a tip. They do have to put in extra work, so it makes sense to be kind and reimburse the love they put into the drink.

Most of these drinks are more expensive than your generic order, so you will be paying more anyway, why not chuck in a “Thank You”!

Collect Stars or Get Your Free Starbucks Birthday Drink!

Let's face it, these customized viral drinks are expensive. Here are some tips to make the cost more manageable!

  • Get the Viral TikTok drinks below on your birthday: Did you know that you can get any Starbucks drink of any size with any customization for free on your birthday? Check our Starbucks birthday drink post to learn more!

  • Earn and collect stars: You can redeem 200 stars for any handcrafted Starbucks drink.

What Are The TikTok Starbucks Drinks?

So, if you aren’t TikTok savvy, but just love Starbucks and their iced drinks, all these drinks are custom drinks that have been invented by a TikTok user.

They post the drinks on TikTok, often customizing the secret menu items or just creating their own custom orders, and sometimes these videos go viral with others wanting to try their custom orders.


At Starbucks, you can customize any type of coffee or tea drink, whether that is just a pump of peppermint in your Americano or to the extent of these viral orders.

These viral TikTok orders are often based on a drink from the normal menu or from the secret menu and are customized by the original TikTok poster.

Secret menu items are a little different and are often recipes made by Starbucks that aren’t displayed on their main menu. 

Now to the drinks orders!

1. The TikTok Drink

Tiktok Starbucks Drinks - The TikTok Drink

You have probably seen this drink on TikTok a lot if you frequent the app. It’s perhaps the original TikTok drink that started this trend but many may disagree. 

We can imagine the baristas saying to each other: “What do they want? Oh, that TikTok drink again…”

Jokes aside, this is an easier item to order as the ‘base drink’ is an item already on the menu, one of their Refreshers drinks, the Strawberry Acai Refresher, and doesn’t have any substitutions, just additions - so it’s a fairly normal order, just a custom one.

The drink is essentially a strawberry puree. The Strawberry Acai Refresher is blended with frozen strawberries and blackberries - a special kinda smoothie that would be awesome to cool you down in the heat and give you a boost of energy. Learn more about whether Starbucks Refreshers have caffeine in them!

Here’s what to say to your barista: ‘Can I please have a Strawberry Acai Refresher blended with 3 scoops of strawberry inclusions and 3 scoops of blackberry inclusions.’

(FYI: Inclusions are what Starbucks call frozen fruit)

2. The TikTok Iced White Mocha

TikTok Iced White Mocha

This is another easier one to order, with no substitutions, and it's based on a base menu item; the Iced White Mocha.

This ends up looking pretty cool and that's likely why it’s so popular, forget the taste, the aesthetics are on point. The whole thing is a pastel beige color with caramel patterns on the cup - a winner for anyone’s Insta feed.

What does it taste like? Well, the coffee is fairly overpowered by the sweetness. If you have a sweet tooth then this is ideal, but if you like coffee then maybe not so much. The caffeine in the coffee plus the sugar is enough to get you going for a few days. 

To order simply ask: ‘Can I please have a Grande Iced White Mocha sauce with vanilla sweet cream cold foam and caramel drizzle on the sides of the cup?’

You could even ask for extra caramel drizzle if you love caramel as much as I do!

3. The TikTok Gummy Bear Drink

3. The TikTok Gummy Bear Drink

This, again, is a super easy one to get. This is one of the cheaper options too as you are only ordering one of the Starbucks lemonade drinks plus some extras. 

This one became viral as it reportedly tastes like gummy bears. This is true, considering both are made mainly from sugar. If you like raspberry lemonade this is a good one to try out and isn’t too much effort for the barista.

Simply ask: ‘Can I get a Grande lemonade with 3 pumps of raspberry syrup, please?’

4. The TikTok Sour Patch Kid Drink

TikTok Sour Patch Kid Drink

This drink seems to be in conversation with the last, mimicking the more sour flavors of the sour patch kid we all know and love. The addition of acai adds the sourness you may desire.

Again, this is a pretty easy order as it’s just lemonade with some extras, a few more than the last one, so it’s a little pricier too.

To order, just ask: 'Please could I get a Grande lemonade with 3 pumps of classic syrup, 3 pumps of raspberry syrup, and a splash of Acai on top?’


Starbucks puppuccino

This one ain’t for us humans, it's for the pups of the world. This is one of the cooler secret menu items that humans won’t even enjoy eating.

Basically, a Puppuccino is just a bunch of dog-friendly whipped cream in an espresso cup, which is even smaller than the other Starbucks cup sizes.

Dogs love it and it has no caffeine or anything harmful, just good puppy vibes.

Not only are they great, but they are also free! The baristas at Starbucks love dogs, so they might ask for a gentle pat in return, of your dog, not you!

Just say, ‘Hey, could I please get a Puppuccino?’

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5. The TikTok Pink Drink

TikTok Pink Drink

The base for this drink is the Pink Drink. The Pink Drink was one of the original secret orders on the Starbucks Menu but has now been introduced worldwide on the main menu. TikTok kids have taken this into their own hands by making it their own with some clever twists.

This custom order swaps out the coconut milk for heavy cream and adds some vanilla flavors to this acai flavored drink.

The end result is pretty cool and fun, it tastes a little sweeter and less fruity than the original but is worth a try if you enjoyed the original.

This does include a substitution which can add a few words to your order, and bump the price a little, but shouldn’t be too much trouble in the kitchen.

To order, ask: ‘Can I please have a Grande Pink Drink with heavy cream instead of coconut milk and 2 scoops of vanilla bean powder, topped with whipped cream?’

6. The TikTok Sunset Drink

TikTok Sunset Drink

This one, while it can look pretty awesome, is a little bit of a mouthful. Just be confident and polite and there’s no reason they won’t accept your order.

The drink is layered with different drinks, when done right, it resembles a sunset when finished thanks to an ombré effect from the layers. Again, it looks pretty cool but takes some clever drink making to be effective.

Just politely ask: ‘Hey, could I please have a Grande Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade with no dragon fruit inclusions, and a light peach juice, with Iced Passion Tango Tea layered on top?’

7. The TikTok Matcha Pink Drink

TikTok Matcha Pink Drink

This is another drink based on the notorious Pink Drink. This one takes a little bit of a different approach with Match foam.

The drink has no substitutions unlike the last one but does require the matcha blended in the foam. Starbucks baristas will assure you this isn’t too hard but will require that extra effort.

The matcha adds some extra caffeine but does taste pretty good with the coconut cream.

To get the drink, ask ‘Can I please get a Grande Pink Drink topped with vanilla sweet cream cold foam, with 1 scoop of matcha blended into the foam?'

P.S.: If you're looking for caffeine-free Starbucks options, then check out our list of the best drinks!

8. The TikTok Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

TikTok Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

The base of this drink is the Strawberry Creme Frappuccino. The idea is that with the additions it could taste like Strawberry Cheesecake.

You’ll be glad to know that it tastes a lot like cheesecake. It seems that the cinnamon dolce syrup goes quite far to recreate the biscuit taste we love in cheesecake. This one is actually quite a clever take on an original menu item.

To get the drink, just ask: ‘Can I please get a Strawberry Frappuccino with 2 scoops of vanilla powder, 3 pumps of white chocolate mocha sauce, and 2 pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup?’

9. The TikTok Iced Chai Latte

TikTok Iced Chai Latte

This is perhaps our least favorite if only by design. The drink takes like the Chai Latte from the original menu but adds a few sweet elements.

We’re not sure chai should be messed with like this because it has such a unique flavor that might not blend well with sweet syrups, but the drink is certainly popular. While the order asks for oat milk, this can be fairly pointless as the sweet cream foam is not vegan at all.

To order the drink, ask: ‘Can I get a Grande Iced Chai Latte with oat milk, 2 pumps of brown sugar syrup, and vanilla sweet cream cold foam, please?’

10. The TikTok Nutella Cold Brew

TikTok Nutella Cold Brew

If you have a sweet tooth or are a chocolate lover, this TikTok custom order will hit the spot for sure.

This is based on the regular menu order of Cold Brew Coffee, which we already think is a winner. This custom spin on the order makes it sweeter and more chocolatey... A true winner!

Chocolate and coffee is already a winning combination that raises both flavors to another level, but the addition of hazelnut is a genius move to create a caffeine-boosted Nutella milkshake-ish!

To order, ask the barista: Could I please order a Venti Cold Brew with three pumps of Mocha, three pumps of Hazelnut, light heavy cream, and vanilla sweet cold foam with one pump of hazelnut blended in?’

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the famous Starbucks drink on TikTok?

The TikTok Iced White Mocha is the most popular Starbucks drink on Tiktok. However, check back often as this surely will change in a few months.

What is the Starbucks secret menu?

The secret menu on Starbucks consists of items that are not officially on the menu. These items have been created through time by Starbucks fans and make up the "secret menu".

What is in an Ariana Grande at Starbucks?

The Ariana Grande Frappuccino Starbucks drink is a vanilla bean frappuccino with raspberry and mocha syrup.

What other Tiktok Starbucks drinks are popular?

Other popular Tiktok Starbucks drinks include the strawberry foam matcha latte, the Peaches & Cream Hot Chocolate, the Oreo Frappuccino (a take on the double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino) and Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

Final Thoughts

Phew! There you go. The top 10 of the viral TikTok Starbucks drinks. 

These orders, while a little extra and boujee, certainly make your trip to Starbucks a little more fun and exciting. And remember, you can further customize these drinks by changing the milk and converting them into the 'almondmilk' or 'oatmilk' drink versions.

Just remember to be polite to your servers, don’t be THAT person, and don't be rude. Your kindness will go a long way with your server and ultimately means your drink will likely be made with more care than not. Being rude will get you nowhere.

We often search low and high to find adventure in our lives, sometimes flying to a beach on the other side of the world to do so. This is a great way to find adventure in your mundane life, right in your backyard. 

While the drinks are a bit extra and more of an aesthetic pursuit than anything to do with proper drink making, it’s a great way to spend a rainy day rather than getting into trouble or watching another Netflix special. 

We hope these fun secret menu items bring you some joy and encourage you to appreciate the small things, like an off menu item!

Felipe is a tea expert with an engineering background! He loves to drink and learn all about tea and coffee. His love for tea was discovered while living in Japan and his favorites are Sencha & Pu'er!

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