Finally Starbucks Boba? Starbucks Is Testing Coffee Boba Drinks

Updated on: February 8, 2023
Author: Nick
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Starbucks Boba

Hello boba heads and Starbucks fans,

You read that right, Starbucks boba. Your dreams and wishes may be becoming true!

Starbucks is finally testing out boba in their drinks. They are featuring two iced coffee drinks with coffee popping pearls in two US Starbucks stores.

This is a huge move for the company, as they are trying to tap into the growing market of boba drinkers.

So far, the feedback has been mixed, but Starbucks is hoping that these drinks will be a big hit with their customers.

Despite the mixed feedback, we are excited - Starbucks boba could become a thing very soon.

If you're curious about what these drinks taste like, keep reading!

What Are These Starbucks Boba Drinks Being Testing Out?

Starbucks confirmed to Business Insider that they are testing two iced coffee beverages with popping coffee pearls. Although they did not provide details, a viral TikTok video was posted providing some insight into these new drinks…

The two beverages being tested are:

  • In the Dark, which is selling for $5.25 and it appears to be a cold brew drink. The name seems to be a reference to the popular "A shot in the dark" drink. The boba pearls in this drink sink to the bottom of the cup. As per the TikTok video, they taste "oddly salty-sweet" and are "really small and awkward to drink"

  • Iced Chai Tea Latte with Coffee Pearls, which features the boba pearls floating on top of the ice...which is odd and might be difficult to drink. This drink is selling for $5.45.

Both Starbucks boba drinks are only available in the Grande cup size.

Now, let's have a talk about these boba pearls...

The Seattle company is referring to them as "coffee popping pearls". They contain actual coffee, which might be an odd combination with the Iced Chai Tea Latte...

If you're a boba fan, you may already know that there are many types of boba pearls. By far the most popular ones are the tapioca pearls, but it appears Starbucks is using popping boba pearls. These are balls of juice or syrup surrounded by a thin membrane. You can actually make them at home using the spherification process, if you have patience.

Boba Coffee Is Gaining Popularity

We're not surprised Starbucks would capitalize on the emerging market of boba coffee. There are already many boba drinks that contain coffee, such as boba latte, Vietnamese iced coffee with boba, and even Dalgona Coffee with boba.

However, these drinks do not use coffee popping boba.

So it looks like Starbucks found a gap in the market. We wouldn't be surprised if Starbucks coffee menus will include different types of coffee popping boba pearls, featuring different types of coffee and roast levels...

Imagine a Pike Roast popping coffee boba or a decaf version of their boba pearls?

What is Boba?

Boba, or bubble tea, is a taiwanese drink that started with the classic pearl milk tea. Its exact boba origins are debatable but we know it came from somewhere in Taiwan.

Now, boba has become a worldwide phenomenon and is served in many different forms. In most bubble tea stores you can find a plethora of boba flavors, toppings, and even different types of pearls, including tapioca pearls, crystal pearls, and popping boba pearls.

This drink has even evolved into ice cream boba form.

There is even boba beer and boba cocktails...

There is also a huge industry surrounding the drink itself, including reusable boba cups, all kinds of boba merchandise, including a boba-shaped mini-fridge.

The world is going mad about boba, and Starbucks wants to join the fun.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Starbucks Have Boba Tea?

No, currently Starbucks does not have bubble tea. But if their coffee boba goes well, they may in the future. Let's hope they do!

Where is Starbucks testing their boba-styled coffee?

They are testing it in two Starbucks stores. One is located in Palm Desert (73030 El Paseo). The other store is apparently in Bellevue in Washington. We don't know the address for this last one but if you do let us know in the comments!

Also, if you live near those two Starbucks locations, and happen to try these boba coffee drinks, let us know!

Coffee Boba Drinks at Starbucks?

Bottom Line

It looks like Starbucks is testing two coffee boba drinks. The In the Dark drink contains cold brew and the Iced Chai Tea Latte with Coffee Pearls. Both drinks appear to use coffee filled popping boba pearls.

We're not sure how these will taste, but if you're curious you can try them out at the two stores mentioned above!

Let us know if you like these two drinks!

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