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Last Update On : August 3, 2023
Do Starbucks Refreshers Have Caffeine? And How Much?
Do Starbucks refreshers have caffeine? This is a question that many people ask, especially since these drinks are marketed as being refreshing and perfect for […]
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Last Update On : February 8, 2023
Finally Starbucks Boba? Starbucks Is Testing Coffee Boba Drinks
Hello boba heads and Starbucks fans, You read that right, Starbucks boba. Your dreams and wishes may be becoming true! Starbucks is finally testing out […]
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Last Update On : June 23, 2022
What is an Americano? Much More Than Espresso and Hot Water
What is an Americano? This question is asked by many people who are new to the coffee world. The answer, quite simply, is that it […]
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Last Update On : February 25, 2022
Make Iced Americano at Home - A Healthier Summer Drink
When the weather starts to get hot, there's nothing quite like enjoying a cold iced americano. The iced version of the americano is perfect for […]
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Last Update On : September 1, 2023
9 of the Best Manual Coffee Grinder Reviews - 2023
As a coffee lover, you want to start your day with nothing but the best cup of freshly brewed coffee. Of course, you can always […]
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Last Update On : September 27, 2023
Did You Say Delicious Boba Coffee? Try it Now!
Need a caffeine fix but still want your delicious boba? Boba coffee is the answer (to most questions). Maybe you’re not a fan of tea […]
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Last Update On : September 8, 2023
10 of the Best Starbucks Coffee Beans for Home Brewing
Whenever you think of a delicious cup of coffee, the name Starbucks probably crosses your mind before anything else. Mostly because they are on almost […]
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Last Update On : September 1, 2023
Best Espresso Machine under $1000 - 2023 Reviews
Let’s face it, espresso machines are EXPENSIVE…. We're talking about the good ones. At least that’s what we’ve seen so far while we were searching […]
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Last Update On : April 20, 2022
Puppuccino: If You Love Your Dog Read This Post
Do you love Starbucks as much as you love your dog? (Or, do you love your dog as much as you love Starbucks?)  Well, if […]
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Last Update On : January 23, 2024
Starbucks Cup Sizes and Names: Pretentious or Genius?
You know the drill. You walk into your nearest Starbucks, and before you can even utter the words "a small coffee, please," you're assaulted with […]
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