7 Best and Cutest Boba Plush For Boba Lovers

Updated on: April 28, 2023
Author: Nick
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best boba plushies

Boba tea has become a phenomenon worldwide, from the humble milk tea to the hundreds of flavors out there! It is not surprising that boba plush toys have become more popular. From super soft and super cute, we have scoured the net and the reviews to save your precious time by finding what we think are the best, cutest, and softest boba plush for boba fanatics of all ages and preferences.

What is the Best Boba Plush?

We did quite a bit of research to come up with the list below. We hope our search saves you time!

These include good quality plush toys that we tested, that have good customer reviews, that are frequently bought, offer good value for your money, usually offer an easy exchange, and can be delivered to your country. We have of course included plushies of different types and categories, from toasty or warming plushies for those sick days, to giant or mini plushies.


Here are our top picks for the best boba plushie:

  1. Boggy the Boba Bub - Most Unique
  2. Pearl Boba Tea Mochi Plush - Best Original Flavor
  3. Boba Plushie XL - Best Family Pack
  4. The Original Boba Ice Cream Bar - The Coolest
  5. The Original Happy and Mad Reversible Plush - Most Practical
  6. Pearl Boba Tea Vibrating Plush Chair - Most Comfortable
  7. Pusheen Boba Plushie - The Cutest

1. Boggy the Boba Bub

Most Unique

When we received this cute boba plushie, the first thing we thought was, "wow, it's super soft and squishy"! Not only Boggy scores high in the softness department, but also this matcha cream bubble tea plushie is one of the most unique plush toys we've come across!

Boggy has a rounded chubby shape, making it extra cuddly. This is probably due to its habit of drinking TWO bubble teas at the same time with his little mouth. He measures 10 inches in height and 9.5 inches in diameter, and has little dangling legs that we find very adorable.

Boggy comes with the BOGO coupon plush accessory, making this boba plushie truly unique. And did you know Boggy is featured in a Boba Blast, a bubble tea card game? This makes this toy the perfect gift for boba heads!

2. Pearl Boba Tea Mochi

Best Original Flavor

There is nothing better than, Pearl, this soft plushie, to add a cute factor to any site in your home or office! This cutie is stuffed with soft polyester materials and is approximately 13 inches (33 cm) in size. This size is perfect for most settings, and the price is reasonable too! Pearl will be there when you’re feeling down, just give her a tight squeeze and she will reward you back with some softness!

3. Boba Plushie XL

Best Family Pack

These adorable plushies come in three variants: Smiley (brown sugar color ), Smiley (milk tea color) and Kawaii (cute variant in milk tea color). They also come in 4 different sizes, from small 9 inch (24 cm) minis to 28 inch (70 cm) giants! There is also a Family Pack option, where you get all three types of toys at a discounted price, and even get different sizes! 

4. The Original Boba Ice Cream Bar Plushie

The Coolest

During our research we found this brown sugar boba ice cream bar, and it’s so cute and unique we could not resist mentioning it here! This is one of the most unique plush toys we’ve seen, as it includes a soft cloth packaging, like a real ice cream bar! We perused the reviews of various sites and the consensus is that this plushie is cute, unique, soft and squishy, all delivered at a great price! Plus your friends will be asking where you got it from...shhh, it’s a secret!

5. The Original Happy and Mad Reversible Plush

Most Practical

We had to include this reversible plushie to this list, as it features a hidden pocket to store your valuables. If you are forgetful like me, you will know where to search for your keys, wallet and phone. Your new secret spot will be inside this adorable plushie! You can also express your mood with it - one side is a happy plushie, the other one is an angry bubble tea plushie.

6. Pearl Boba Tea Vibrating Plush Chair

Most Comfortable

Ever felt like you have tried every possible position on the couch while trying binge-watching Netflix, but you are unable to find that perfect sitting position? It may be because you have been watching TV for too long. Or may it be because you don’t have a boba vibrating plush chair?

I think it’s the latter! So don’t fret, place this vibrating chair on any site in your home where you watch TV. It’s quite firm which is good, because it provides good support and maintains a good shape even after may cycles of use. It’s 27L x 12W x 17H inches in size, it’s made of polyester and cotton and includes 3 AA batteries. It also includes a time, after which the vibrations will be turned off. This helps save battery. And yes, everybody is raving in the reviews on how soft and cute this cutie is!

7. Pusheen Boba Plushie

The Cutest

This is in my opinion one of the cutest plushies you can purchase out there! This is of course subjective, but I find Pusheen super cute, and combined with bubble tea (one of my obsessions), it’s the perfect combination. This squishy plushie is 9 inches tall and made of soft polyester fabric. It’s a bit heavy towards the front (due to the cup its holding or perhaps he is having a spiked drink?!). So sometimes it will collapse. but you can prop him up so that he does not fall over! 

This plushie is quite popular so it’s often sold out. So check the site below frequently to purchase it!

What is Boba Tea?

Boba (or bubble tea) is a drink category that includes some form of tea (or even fruit base) with usually chewy boba pearls that sink to the bottom of your cup.

Be cool, reduce your footprint, and use a reusable boba cup!

Bubble tea  started as the Classic Milk Tea (here is a delicious variation). Classic Milk Tea is made of black tapioca balls, black tea with frothy milk and ice.

Today, tons of boba tea flavors have been invented by fanatics around the world. Flavors include all sorts of tea, fruit flavors, and even coffee! There are even plushies our there reflecting different types of flavors, like matcha, strawberry, taro, and more!

The bubble tea pearls themselves have evolved as well. These include clear tapioca balls, black tapioca balls, flavored (e.g. honey) tapioca balls and popping balls! There is even now a new type called crystal pearls!

So now the definition of bubble tea has broadened – I would include under this category any tea drink (well, it almost always has tea) that has chewy balls that sink to the bottom!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can these plushies be shipped to any country?

It depends on the seller’s site, but the sites we reviewed do international shipping. However, the price and delivery time might change.

What is the difference between a boba pearl, a tapioca pearl, a boba ball or a tapioca ball?

They are all the same! Boba pearls, tapioca pearls, boba balls and tapioca balls are all the same thing! The actual drink is also confusingly referred to as boba, boba tea, bubble tea or pearl milk tea

Can you make bubble tea at home?

Yes! It’s not too difficult! Using basic kitchen ingredients you can prepare an amazing drink! You can order pearls online and refer to one of our recipes! This is good because you will be saving money, and helping the environment (let’s face it, buying bubble tea in a store uses a lot of plastic!)

Boba Plush - Bottom Line

Bottom Line

We have searched the Internet, checked the reviews, and we have come up with these adorable plushies. Similar to bubble tea, there is a plushie for everyone! So we have included different types of plush toys to suit all interests, ages and moods!

Which one is your favorite toy from this list? Which one are you planning on getting or have you purchased?

Or are you a fanatic like us, and you’re thinking of getting all of them?!

Let us know, we would love to know!

Also, if there is a plushie out there that you think should absolutely be included here, let us know in the comments!

Happy bobbing!

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