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If you truly want to have the perfect cup of coffee or tea, then treat the brewing process like an ART. 

Just like our journey, we want you to discover your OWN!
Don't Rush It - Rome wasn't built in a day and your favorite drink shouldn't take less than a minute to make!
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Our Coffee & Tea Stories?

Like many of us, Nick used Nescafé instant coffee or Lipton tea bags whenever he wanted a caffeine boost.

He used to think of these drinks as just caffeinated beverages. Something that quickly kickstarted his day or kept it going.

Obviously, Nick had it all wrong for most of his life. Coffee & tea are so much more than just that. They are an art, with so many variations, different flavor profiles and health benefits.

Nick realized all of that when he got a job as a Starbucks barista. That's when his passion for coffee and tea was first ignited! 

Several years after his experience as a barista, his love for coffee and tea was reignited on a trip to Paris. This happened when he had the perfect cup of espresso while people-watching from a café.

In that moment, he decided to learn even more about coffee & tea, and to develop his skills with the aim to feel confident about making the perfect cup at home!
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Felipe, having been born in Colombia, was introduced to coffee at a very early age, perhaps at an age where he shouldn’t have been drinking coffee. He later moved to Canada, where coffee became and continues to be a necessity in the mornings because he's not a morning person!

Felipe later moved to Japan for two years, where he was introduced to the world of tea. He had drank tea before, but only low-quality teabags which didn’t really do justice to the wonderous Camellia Sinensis plant (the tea plant). 

While in Japan, he tried countless variations of tea, drank some really cheap and really expensive teas, participated in various tea ceremonies, tea planting and roasting, and discovered that tea is an integral part of many cultures around the world.

Upon his return to Canada, Felipe realized the same for coffee. So many things revolve around coffee within many cultures. How could two plants impact the world so much?

An engineer by training, Felipe decided to embark in a journey of learning about coffee and tea, while at the same time sharing his new-found knowledge with you, using an evidence-based approach!  
Your Coffee and Tea Essentials

Why Coffee & Tea?

Coffee and tea have had a huge impact around the world, from world history to health, religion, philosophy, the arts and literature. Thousands of different products from coffee and tea are produced every day, and thousands of products are used to prepare coffee and tea and its derivatives! Humanity indeed has taken great lengths to enjoy coffee and tea! 
The world is obsessed with coffee and tea! We are here to explore this obsession with you! 
A great cup of either one, just requires some patience and some knowledge.
If you have the right information and tools, and you are willing to put aside 5-10 minutes, then you will be able to make the best tasting cup of either one. 

How can this blog help you?

If you're anything like us and any of these questions kept you up at night, then this blog is perfect for you!

Why listen to us? Simple, because we're learning as we go and we LOVE Coffee & Tea!

Am I making my coffee the right way? How can I make sure it tastes just as good as the coffee shop's?

Many factors play into the perfect cup of coffee, such as the grind setting, the right coffee-to-water ratio, the brew time and the right coffee beans. Make sure to check the different Coffee Guides available to you.
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What's Our Goal?

Our goal is to share with you everything that we're learning to master our own cup of coffee or tea and we want to save you the time, the effort and all the money we're spending, by sharing every single step with you!

This blog will teach you more about the origins of coffee & tea, the different processing methods, the different types, how to make delicious variations at home and what equipment is best for making the perfect cup every time.

With our help, it will be possible to make your favorite drink at home and for it to taste just as good as buying it from the shop next door and for a fraction of the price!
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