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If you truly want to have the perfect cup of coffee or tea, then treat the brewing process like an ART. 

Just like our journey, we want you to discover your OWN!
Don't Rush It - Rome wasn't built in a day and your favorite drink shouldn't take less than a minute to make!

Are you tired of having the same cup of Coffee or Tea every friggin' day?

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Why Does "Your Coffee & Tea Essentials" Exist?

This site came around because the founders, Felipe & Nick, realized that many people love drinking coffee and tea, but don't really know how to properly make these drinks! So they settle for a mediocre one or spend a fortune going to a coffee shop... 

Felipe & Nick know that because... well, they were those people.

When they started learning the art behind brewing coffee and steeping tea, they noticed a similarity to the art of wine tasting. But the most fulfilling part was the process instead of the end result.

It all started with Nick working as a barista and Felipe living in Japan! Since then, they honed their knowledge and their techniques and were able to make a mean cup of coffee and tea. Check out our Teams Page to learn more about their journey.

Learning how to brew a proper cup of coffee or tea and then tasting the difference that small changes can make, was so satisfying that they decided to share this knowledge with you!

So make sure you check out the Home Page for our freshly brewed content every week! Or reach out if you have any questions or concerns on the Contact Page.
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Why Should You Trust Our Recommendations?

Our goal at Your Coffee & Tea Essentials is to help you improve your home coffee and tea game by providing high quality content encompassing informative articles, hands-on product reviews and product recommendations.

To ensure high quality articles:
We thoroughly research each topic. Felipe, a professional engineer with over 10 years of experience, uses his engineering and research know-how to fact-check every single article we publish, even if he’s not the author of each article!
We have developed Quality Control Procedures to ensure error-free or inaccurate information. Our Quality control procedures include checklists and review rounds that must be completed during the different phases of the writing process, from the outline level to the publishing stage.
We strive to present our information using simple and engaging language that is geared towards coffee and tea enthusiasts of all levels.
We offer content that is beautiful, which includes our in-house graphics and pictures.
We test coffee and tea gear including espresso and coffee machines, teapots and much more. We have developed detailed testing procedures for coffee and espresso machines to ensure each product is treated the same and thereby provide unbiased recommendations.
We are not sponsored. We acquire products using our own means. Your trust is vital to us!
We have fun writing! We are a passionate group of coffee and tea lovers and want to still that passion in you!
Your Coffee and Tea Essentials

Our Mission

To teach you that a great cup of coffee or tea, just requires some patience and some knowledge.

With the right information and tools, and 5-10 minutes of your time, you will be able to make the best tasting cup of either one! 

How can this blog help you?

If you're anything like us and any of these questions kept you up at night, then this blog is perfect for you!

Why listen to us? Simple, because we're learning as we go and we LOVE Coffee & Tea!

What type of coffee beans should I buy?

There are different types of coffee beans from different regions and different processing methods. All these things affect the flavor profiles of your cup of joe. This blog will teach you what to look for and how to discover your favorite type.

How long should I steep my tea for?

Different types of teas require different steeping times to ensure optimal flavor and the extraction of all the health benefits that come with it. This blog will teach you about the origins of different types of tea and how to brew the perfect cup.

Am I making my coffee the right way? How can I make sure it tastes just as good as the coffee shop's?

Many factors play into the perfect cup of coffee, such as the grind setting, the right coffee-to-water ratio, the brew time and the right coffee beans. Make sure to check the different Coffee Guides available to you.

Can I make Boba Tea at home? And what are the best flavors?

Yes, you absolutely can and the best part is that it is super easy to make at home. That, plus the many different flavors available will keep you busy in the kitchen and your tummy full!

What's Our Goal?

Our goal is to share with you everything that we're learning to master our own cup of coffee or tea and we want to save you the time, the effort and all the money we're spending, by sharing every single step with you!

This blog will teach you more about the origins of coffee & tea, the different processing methods, the different types, how to make delicious variations at home and what equipment is best for making the perfect cup every time.

With our help, it will be possible to make your favorite drink at home and for it to taste just as good as buying it from the shop next door and for a fraction of the price!
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